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“I would highly recommend that residents start a block watch and work with the police department in their time of need.”

Block Watch Highlight: Member Spotlight

The Havenwoods Neighborhood Partnership knows how valuable Block Watches are to the health of a neighborhood. We are happy to highlight the Captain of the Clovernook Block Watch! Meet Don, who has lived on his street for 24 years.

Don realizes that every community has issues that are specific to those residents that live there. He wanted more for himself and his neighbors, so in August of 2016 he reached out to Liz Hammer to start the Clovernook Block Watch. Don’s goal was to bring neighbors together to better understand how to protect their community.

When asked about some of the Block Watch successes, he spoke of the partnerships built with various City Departments. They have helped abate blighted properties, address absentee landlords that are not good neighbors, and most importantly, strengthen the relationship residents now have with the Fourth Police District. He also speaks highly of Neighborhood Walks that include representatives from MPD, Probation/Parole, DNS, DPW and the District Attorney, addressing concerns with residents in the neighborhood.

Neighbors have found their Block Watch to be a success story, and recommend other communities start one too. He’s pleased to be part of the systems that work and has found the experience both interesting and rewarding.

If you would like to discuss starting a Block Watch on your street, please give Liz a call at 414.431.2276.