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Welcome to Havenwoods. A community of wide-open green spaces, affordable living, engaged neighbors and a commitment to celebrating our differences because we know our diversity makes us stronger.

Green Spaces

Havenwoods State Forest

There are few places in our city that can claim as much green space as Havenwoods. In fact, we share our name with the only urban state forest in Wisconsin — Havenwoods State Forest.

Havenwoods became a state forest in 1980. While it exists within the city limits, it’s in fact part of a larger system that includes the Kettle Moraine, Lakeshore State Park and the Hank Aaron Trail. The visitor center features exhibits and information on the forest as well as maps that can help you navigate.

Visitors to the 237 acre forest enjoy woods, wetlands and prairies and can hike, bike, jog or watch wildlife along the over six miles of trails — or simply relax on a bench or picnic table scattered throughout the park. In the winter months cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are also welcome.

For more information, you can visit the forest’s DNR page HERE.

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”


— John Muir

Open Spaces
& Recreation

Open Spaces & Recreation

As if having a state forest isn’t enough, we have plenty more places to enjoy.

McGovern Park is one of the most active county parks in the entire city. From summers active with basketball to the Senior Center which is a great resource for seniors. Adults 50 or older can socialize, exercise or participate in classes and programs. Seniors can even take part in the adaptive gardening program which features waist-high beds and seating so they don’t have to bend over to garden making gardening safe and easier for seniors.

Uihlein Soccer Park is home to Wisconsin’s largest soccer club. With 13 full-sized fields and three indoor fields, it’s active all year round.

Sprinkled throughout the rest of Havenwoods are many more parks and playgrounds. From Wyrick and Shoenecker Parks to Westlawn and Clovernook playgrounds, the options for enjoying nature and the outdoors are plenty. And if that weren’t enough, Haskell Noyes Park and the Wisconsin Club’s Country Club are right on our border featuring premiere golfing.



With wide, tree-lined streets and many homes featuring large yards, Havenwoods has an distinct urban/suburban feel. Our homes are as diverse as our people. Houses in the area range from mid-20th century cape cod and colonial styles to quaint bungalows.

For those that are looking for affordable apartment living, we celebrate the new Westlawn Gardens — a development which features newer, solar-ready homes and a community garden. Homeownership in Havenwoods is accessible to first time home buyers with affordable prices and lower maintenance costs.

Whether you’re looking for a new home or are a current home owner or renter, we’re here to help. From finding available homes, rehab assistance or homebuyer education to sourcing home improvement or maintenance resources help, contact Jessica Noth at

Community Organizing

Community Organizing

Havenwoods residents are fully invested in our neighborhood. HNP is as well and are here to support them in any way we can. HNP helps to organize clean ups, establish and work with block watches and engage with residents in many ways to improve our community.

Havenwoods has many active Block Watches which have proven to lower crime and improve on the quality of life. If you’re interested in joining an existing block watch in your area, are looking to organize a new one or want to find out more about how you can make a difference on your block, contact Liz Hammer at 431-2276 or

Keeping Our Community Looking Good

One of our top priorities is to make sure residents have access to the tools and assistance needed in Havenwoods. Residents have many city resources that are available for them to aid them in the daily maintenance and management of our neighborhood.

The City of Milwaukee’s website,, is a gateway to all our important city departments such as Department of Neighborhood Services, Common Council, Department of Public Works and Milwaukee Police Department. Reach out to Liz Hammer at 431-2276 or to find out how to use these sites and many more, We’re always here to help.

The Bloom and Groom program provides discounted annual and perennial plants to help beautify neighborhoods and build connections among residents. The sale is held every May with pre-orders taken in April. For more information or to pre-order, contact Jessica Noth at 431-2271 or

NIDC offers Community Improvement Project (CIP) grants to support Block Improvements and community projects that engage community members and physically improve neighborhoods. As always, we’re here to help. The application process is simple and can be found HERE. Contact Jessica Noth at 431-2271 or with any questions.

Interested in a Neighborhood Clean Up? You can pick a Saturday to host your clean up and we will help in scheduling a dumpster and supply garbage bags. We can also assist in making flyers announcing your planned day of helping keep our community beautiful. Contact Liz at 431-2276 or

Havenwoods Neighborhood Map

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