Havenwoods Neighborhood Partnership engages residents, businesses, and government to increase prosperity within our community.


Relationships — it’s what it all comes down to. We work tirelessly to understand the unique concerns of our neighbors. Whether it’s residents, business leaders, city officials or other parties, we strive to bring together those individuals in ways that will help each of them and benefit all of Havenwoods.

A single voice can sometimes go unheard. HNP works to amplify these voices so our message is heard loud and clear. Whether it’s in support of our residents, businesses or the Havenwoods community as a whole, we’re a strong vocal presence at the City, State and Federal levels.



We’ve been told we bring a sense of optimism and action to how we work. This in turn helps bolster a sense of hope and pride in everyone we connect with. We’re all passionate about Havenwoods and use that passion to help realize our full potential.