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Resident Highlight: Dan Flynn

Dan Flynn and his family have lived in the Havenwoods neighborhood since 1976. He and his wife are one of the last remaining original families left on his street. A number of years ago he began to see the area changing. He wanted to do something to keep the neighborhood as he remembered it was when his daughter was growing up.

In 2016, with the help of Havenwoods Neighborhood Partnership, he started a Block Watch. Dan determined his boundaries would be W. Silver Spring Dr. to Carmen Ave. and 72nd and 73rd Street.

When asked if he has gotten any personal satisfaction from being a Block Watch Captain, Dan responded with a loud “Yes!” He spoke of getting to know his neighbors better and he feels strongly that the area has very little crime and the quality of life continues to be high because of the Block Watch. He proudly stated “I know I’m making a difference”. Dan spoke of his neighbors that continue to take care of their properties and work together to keep the neighborhood safe. He was pleased to pass along that one of the positive results of their work is when a home goes up for sale the buyer is usually owner occupied.

Although he is proud of the work he and his neighbors are doing he did speak about the
challenges of getting more residents involved. He stated that the neighborhood is better when more people are involved and that “complaining doesn’t change anything, action does”.

Dan spoke of continuing to communicate to his neighbors that they are welcome and very much needed. One of the ways he continues to try and keep relationships open among the neighborhood is keeping his neighbors in the informational loop and making himself available to their needs.

Dan feels that working and getting so much help from Havenwoods has been a large benefit in the success of his Block Watch. Dan also attends the monthly Crime and Safety meetings that Police District Four hosts. The result of that is a strong relationship with the CLO’s, the Lieutenant and the Captain of the District.

If you are interested in starting a Block Watch and seeing the successes that Dan has seen you can call Katlin at 414-431-2207 to learn more about the program.