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We’re excited to bring you a new feature in our newsletter to keep you updated on decisions made at City Hall that happen within our Havenwoods Community. In in an effort to keep you informed and engaged, we are going to bring you highlights of actions taken by various committees at City Hall. We will be looking at license applications, new developments being proposed, Board of Zoning actions, etc. This will not be all of the actions taken, but we will try our best to be thorough. This is great start to getting engaged on civic matters for your neighborhood. If you would like to get notified via email you can sign up for e-notify and choose the committees that you want to follow. Go to city.milwaukee.gov and search for e-notify and create a free account. We will also be sending information out via email, so if you’d like information regarding upcoming agenda items at City Hall please sign up for our email updates at havenwoods.org (scroll down to bottom of the website page).

Licenses- February 2024
09 VELARDE, Adam J, Agent for “Cave Enterprises Operations LLC”, Food Dealer License Renewal Application for “Burger King #3019” at 6544 N 76TH St. (Expired 1/16/2024)- Approved unanimously.

09 QADIR, Shabbir, Agent for “CH PETRO MART LLC”, Extended Hours Establishments, Filling Station, Food Dealer and Weights & Measures License Applications Requesting To Open 24Hrs/ for “Clark” at 6829 N 76TH St. –Approved Board of Zoning Appeals February 2024 Just Kidding Childcare Educational Center, Lessee BZZA-23-00455 Special Use 5566-5566 N 76TH ST Ald. District 2 Request to continue occupying the premises as a day care center for 35 children per shift, infant – 13 years of age, operation Monday – Friday, 6:30am – 10:00pm- Approved

City Plan Commission
An ordinance relating to the change in zoning from a Detailed Planned Development known as Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin to a new Detailed Planned Development known as Veterans Community Project to allow a tiny homes development at 6767 North 60th Street, located on the west side of North 60th Street, south of West Green Tree Road, in the 9th Aldermanic District- Approved

Tiny Homes Project to Move Forward with New Developer
A project originally proposed in 2019 to locate homeless veterans to a Tiny Homes project to Havenwoods has a new developer, and has recently been approved to move forward by the City Plan Commission. This development will be built on formerly industrial vacant land at 60th and Green Tree Road. The development will hold 40 homeless individuals and will provide wrap around services to the residents of this project.