As of January 1, 2021, Havenwoods Economic Development Corporation’s new name will be Havenwoods Neighborhood Partnership (HNP). HEDC embarked on a process to update the organization’s brand and website. Community members, business owners, and partners participated in in-depth community conversations about the evolution of the organization, the advancement of the Havenwoods community and the future of both. The name change reflects the organization’s philosophy that positive change requires collaboration and an all hands on deck approach. This means business owners, residents, elected officials, and partnering nonprofits.

“This year marks our 20 year anniversary. This is the perfect milestone to make a bold change. We are very excited to continue with our mission to bringing economic opportunities to the community, improving quality of life, and raising the profile of this neighborhood. We are also looking forward to broadening our reach as we develop new initiatives that welcome anyone in the City to get involved and/or benefit.”-said Stephanie Harling, Executive Director of HNP.

In addition to the name change, there is a new logo and new website. The new brand is the visual representation of various factions coming together in unity to make positive change as we enter an exciting new era of community and economic development.