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Keeping the Streets Beautiful

Havenwoods is a beautiful community, with plenty of trees and nature throughout the neighborhood. Unfortunately, we also face major issues with littering and illegal dumping in these spaces. Springtime is anything but an exception!

In fact, the litter is more visible than ever after the melting snow disappears. In order to revitalize our community this season, the Street Keepers Crew is back! The Havenwoods transitional jobs program, which gives young local residents a chance to grow professionally, maintains our streets, parks, and business corridors.

In their first week, the Street Keepers cleared a massive illegal dumping site, removing over 150 tires, while also working on Silver Spring and Good Hope Road, and throughout our residential neighborhoods. Be sure to give them a honk or a ‘thank you’ when you see them out!

If you know someone ages 18-28 interested in a 5-Month program, starting at $16 – they can contact katlin@havenwoods.org or 414.431.2207 to get on the Fall Crew waiting list.