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Business of the Month, March 2024: Peter Sciortino’s Bakery

How would you summarize what your business does?
We are a fresh bread and roll manufacturer and we manufacture various types of breads, hard rolls, and other baked goods. We just got into making pretzels, but we also make a lot of Italian delicacies and desserts. 1101 E Brady street is where people can purchase our delicious creations on the lower east side, and we have our manufacturing center on Douglas in the Havenwoods Neighborhood.

When did your business begin operating in the Havenwoods Neighborhood?
We moved here in October of 2017.

What prompted you to move here/ open your business/ open a branch here?
Our original location was the one on Brady Street, and we began to outgrow that location. We landed on our current location because it is kind of in the middle of the city, which made it convenient to distribute our product around the city, being about 60 blocks away from the two main highways.

What would you say has been the biggest challenge for your business/organization over the years?
Our biggest challenge has been keeping staff and finding talent who are willing to work the third shift.


What is something you’d like to promote to the neighborhood about Peter Sciortino’s Bakery?
We are a fresh local manufacturer, we supply lots of the restaurants and grocery stores in the area. People may be eating our fresh products without knowing it. We also supply baked goods to local church events and ethnic identity festivals. We feel good knowing that we are making a good product and that local people are benefiting from it.

Are you proud to work at Peter Sciortino’s Bakery? Tell us why.
We are very proud of our work, we have been here for a long time and we are providing a product that people enjoy. We like being able to provide things that people are able to enjoy and be nourished by.

Is your business currently hiring? If so, how can people apply for positions?
We are always looking for more help, if you are interested you can step into our location and we can provide you with an application. If you can pass our background check we would call you in for an interview. Experience is not a requirement and we are very happy to train individuals in our way of baking for quality products.