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A partnership working to improve our Neighborhood one tree at a time.

MMSD partnered with Havenwoods NP, Choice Neighborhood Initiative, Milwaukee Plays and City of Milwaukee Forestry to bring a stormwater management project to our area, “Improving Our Neighborhood One Tree at A Time.” This project aims to increase community resilience through improved tree canopies. It includes the planting of over 500 trees in public spaces throughout the project area (35th -76th St. and Villard Ave. to Mill Rd.). These trees can soak up over 30,800 gallons of water in any one storm. That’s enough to fill three swimming pools! These trees will also help clean our air by removing 4.58 million pounds of carbon dioxide (the gas that causes climate change).

The trees weren’t the only new addition to the neighborhood! HNP distributed 60 rain barrels (provided by MMSD) to residents. Rain barrels collect stormwater from rooftops, diverting it from the sewer and providing free water for gardens and flowers. In addition, the project team will plant 14 bioswales in the clover leaf and medians around W Silver Spring Dr. and N Sherman Blvd. in the spring 2021. Bioswales are areas with plants where water can pond. The bioswales soak up dirty water coming from our streets, sidewalks and properties. This helps keep our rivers and Lake Michigan clean (which is where our drinking water comes from).

MKE Plays is a collaborator on this project to improve quality of life with a refreshed park at 40th and Douglas. Furthermore, Havenwoods NP worked with Westlawn Gardens and Safe & Sound to plan a neighborhood-wide clean-up.

On behalf of all project partners, we want to thank all of you for providing your input on this endeavor!