Neighborhood Clean Ups: Community Pride in Havenwoods



Liz Hammer has assisted many of the Block Watches in planning their Neighborhood Clean Up.  The Block Watches will collectively pick a Saturday that they want to host their clean up and Liz will schedule their dumpster.  She also makes arrangements thru Keeping Greater Milwaukee Beautiful to pick up and supply the Block Watch with garbage bags and coupons for various places like the Domes, Zoo and water park that can be passed out to the participants of the clean up.  If the Block Watches would like, she will make up flyers announcing their clean up and the group passes them out to the residents.

Many of the Block Watches have taken the opportunity to use this as a time to get to know each other better and some of the groups have even come together and had a cookout when they were completed.

If you are interested in planning a Neighborhood Clean Up for your group call Liz @ 431-2276.

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