Local Businesses Partner with Public Art in Havenwoods

If you did not get a chance to see the final Public Art Installation for the “Benches of Havenwoods” project, it is definitely worth a look. In October 2016, Havenwoods Economic Development Corp (HEDC) had the “Industrial  Bench” installed at the southeast corner of 60th and Florist. The bench serves that corner’s bus stop.

The Industrial Bench is one of four fabulous art installations as part of a pubic art initiative funded by the Mary Nohl Fund of the Greater Milwaukee Foundation and the City of Milwaukee’s Neighborhood Improvement Development Corp. Residents, area organizations, businesses and local artists worked together to make ideas and drawings a reality.  Monarch Corp and Hentzen coatings were two key businesses that donated large amounts of time, energy and materials to create the Industrial Bench with artist Ann Mory Wydeven.

Lighthouse Youth Center worked with artists Blanche Brown, Ann Mory Wydeven and Ammar Nsoroma, to create to beautiful murals in two mediums, mosaic and acrylic. One is located at the front of Lighthouse Youth Center on 68th St. just north of Thurston. The other is located at Green Tree Community Garden on the corner of 60th and Green Tree.

Finally, artist Blanche Brown worked with Kluge students to create a sculpture depicting unity and family that pairs with two beautiful murals and a rustic bench built by one of Havenwoods’ residents, Dan Sandrone.  This whole installation is located at the Green Tree Community Garden.

If you have not seen them – take a walk or a drive to visit them all. Take a picture of yourself next to them and post it on facebook at havenwoods.edc.

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