Business Improvement District (BID) Projects

Rail Road Bridge Improvements The Havenwoods Business Improvement District commissioned a commercial painter (Advance Painting and Construction) to scrape, prime and paint all of the railroad bridges in Havenwoods. .  The bridge painting project has proven to be a popular improvement among residents and businesses.

W. Silver Spring Drive Beautification
The Havenwoods Business improvement District initiated the W. Silver Spring Drive Street Enhancement project. The enhancements include extensive landscaping of the boulevards, decorate stamped concrete, additional trees, decorative lighting, fencing and neighborhood signage.  The  Business Improvement District is responsible for the maintenance of all enhancements.

N. 76th Street Beautification
The Havenwoods Business Improvement District initiated a partnership with WISDOT to enhance the N. 76th Street retail corridor from W. Florist Avenue to W. Good Hope Road.  Enhancements  included extensive tree canopy in the medians and in the tree lawn along the curbs of N. 76th St.  Additional amenities include limited decorative fencing perennial plantings,and decorative garbage containers.

Holiday Decorations in Retail Districts
To help people get into the holiday shopping mood, we install annual holiday decorations on Silver Spring Drive and on N. 76th St.  Decorative wreaths bring a festive spirit to our shopping districts.