KANDO Landlord Compact



”Working to build a stronger Neighborhood” KANDO members strive to help maintain the community as a safe place for our residents, and improve the property value of our investments.

  • Operate code violation free buildings
  • Screen applicants and supervise residents
  • Maintain drug and gang free housing
  • Provide bright exterior area lighting
  • Respond to resident issues quickly
  • Keep yards neat and trash free

The Havenwoods Community is proud to have the KANDO (Kaul Avenue Neighborhood Development Organization) group in our neighborhood. The organization is a group of landlords and homeowners that meet once a month to address issues in the neighborhood.
The KANDO members have successfully worked together to maintain the community as a safe place for our residents and improve the property value of everyones investment.
The members of KANDO have built important relationships with the Fourth Police District, the Department of Neighborhood Services, the Department of Public Works and elected officials. Together with everyone’s involvement we continue to have pride in our neighborhood and increase the quality of life for our homeowners, tenants and the business community.
Please feel free to join us – we meet every second Tuesday of the month at 6:00pm at the Amcor building located at 6161 N. 64th Street. Call Liz at #431-2276 for further information.