Havenwoods Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative

Healthy-Neighborhoods-Initiative-LogoThe Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative is designed as an avenue for implementing revitalization strategies in the Havenwoods neighborhood.

Working with the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, NIDC is promoting the Healthy Neighborhoods initiative. The approach focuses on a neighborhood’s positive attributes and works to engage neighbors and homeowners to invest in their neighborhoods and position them as good places to live.

Each Healthy Neighborhood designs their own program to promote their neighborhood, engaging residents around positive actions such as involving neighbors, promoting the neighborhood as a good place to live, improving neighborhood appearance and encouraging homeowners to buy in the neighborhood.

Working in your neighborhood now, Havenwoods Healthy Neighborhood Initiative is:

* Enhancing the physical condition of the neighborhood.
* Promoting neighborhood identity.
* Supporting neighborhood management.
* Positively impacting the real estate market.

Together with the eight other Healthy Neighborhoods in the City of Milwaukee, Havenwoods partners with several area organizations to provide neighborhood development services to residents and business owners.