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Welcome to The Havenwoods Economic Development Corp (HEDC)

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The Havenwoods Economic Development Corportion welcomes you, as we  celebrate the growth of the Havenwoods Community and our vision for the future. We support and serve as we develop new and innovative strategies that will make Havenwoods a choice neighborhood in Milwaukee. We embrace the mission to promote the neighborhood economy, to uphold the quality of life and to advocate and create solutions for business and community issues.

We contribute in numerous ways to the advancement of the Havenwoods community. Through public improvement projects, business retention efforts, marketing and promotion and community development we are able to create an environment that is friendly to new investors, businesses and homeowners.

HEDC works with other civic organizations, the faith based community, stakeholders and elected officials to develop potential solutions, to be a source of information, support for business owners and to maintain and enhance the community pride that drives the success of the Havenwoods Community.

We encourage you to visit Havenwoods and experience our parks and recreation, our innovative businesses, our impassioned civic organizations and our friendly residents



The Mission of HEDC is to revitalize Havenwoods as a vibrant mixed-use urban community.


HEDC’s vision for the Havenwoods neighborhood is

  • Promote the creation of family supporting wage jobs for the residents of Havenwoods,
  • Promote a live-work community by playing a significant role in increasing the quality of life for the Havenwoods neighborhood
  • Partner with other northwest side community and development organizations to sustain and improve the northwest side


HEDC was born from the Havenwoods Business Council in 2000, a group of business owners with the common goal of strengthening our business community and the surrounding neighborhood.

Since 2000 our group continued to grow to become leaders in the movement to revitalize Havenwoods. In January, 2002, we had evolved to have a more economic mission, and adopted a new name, Havenwoods Economic Development Corporation.

Our evolution continued as we formed a nonprofit economic development corporation whose mission is to bring new investment into the Havenwoods community. In 2004 we established Business Improvement District #31.

After fulfilling our strategic plan goals of 2003, we launched a new strategic plan in 2009 to identify objectives to continue to improve the Havenwoods community.

Meet Our Staff

Stephanie Harling, Executive Director
c/o Amcor
6161 N. 64th St . Milwaukee , WI 53218
PH: 414-431-2274
Fax: 414-438-1330
Email: sharling@havenwoods.org

Elizabeth Hammer, Community Development/Safety
c/o Amcor
6161 N. 64 th St . Milwaukee , WI 53218
PH: 414-431-2276
Fax: 414-438-1330
Email: ehammer@havenwoods.org

Jessica Noth, Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative Coordinator
c/o Amcor
6161 N. 64th St . Milwaukee , WI 53218
PH: 414-431-2271
Fax: 414-438-1330
Email: jnoth@havenwoods.org


Sharon Jordan
Direct Supply, Inc.
6767 N. Industrial Road
Milwaukee, WI 53223


Robert Pyles
McDonald’s Corporation
5001 W. Mill Road
Milwaukee, WI 53218


David Kaiser
Link Builds Construction Services
200 S. Prairie
Waukesha, WI 53186

Steven A. Hentzen (President)
Hentzen Coatings
6937 W. Mill Rd
Milwaukee, WI 53218

Pastor Christian Winkel
Redemption Lutheran Church
5641 N. 68th St.
Milwaukee, WI 53218


Angela Walters
Realty Executives, International
412 E. Silver Spring Drive
Whitefish Bay, WI 53217

Ted Muccio
Pereles Bros. Inc.
5840 N. 60th St.
Milwaukee, WI 53218


Steven A. Hentzen (President)
Hentzen Coatings
6937 W. Mill Rd
Milwaukee, WI 53218


Michael Moeller
Remy Battery
6270 N. 76th St.
Milwaukee, WI 53218

Mark Krueger
US Bank
7501 W Good Hope Road
Milwaukee, WI 53223

David Mitchell
Monarch Corporation
7050 W. Good Hope Road
Milwaukee, WI 53223


Tim Balbo
Mickey’s Linen
7300 W. Douglas Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53218


Ryan Duncan
CINTAS Corporation
6415 N. 62nd St.
Milwaukee, WI 53218